[Attendance] How should I handle errors when punching in/out?

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If there are issues with the GPS or the settings, employees may see the page [field-work punch in] for both Wi-Fi and GPS punch in/out. 

Wi-Fi punch in/out errors checking:

Click [Check]

The page will show the name of the connected Wi-Fi and MAC address.


Go and check the Wi-Fi name and BSSID in the punch in/out method in the system backend and make sure the correct Wi-Fi is connected. If there is any incorrect BSSID or Wi-Fi name. If the issue is incorrect BSSID, like the screencap shown, you will need to type in a correct BSSID.

GPS punch in/out errors checking:

Click [Check]

First, you can check if the employee is in the correct attendance group and the nearest attendance location.

Then, you can check the distance between your current location and the attendance location.



Check the attendance location in the system backend for typo and see if the punch in/out radius is too small.

Our system validates each punch in/out by smartphone user's instant GPS location. To ensure a smooth punch in/out for all your employees, punch in/out radius should be set to 100 meters or above as each smartphone's GPS signal strength varies from objects and the environment it's in (thickness of wall or other transmitters).

As the screencap shows, the distance between the current location and the attendance location is 541 meters. The admin should either extend the punch in/out radius or remind the employee to punch in/out at a proper distance.

If the problem persists, you can click [feedback]. Our supporting team will investigate and contact you.

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