[Form] How to setup Print Template?

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Store system print setup as template or upload Word file as print template.

Create system print

Using system default template.

  1. Click “Form Editor
  2. Click “Table Setup
  3. Click “Print template
  4. Click “+ Create Print Templates
  5. Click “Create system print” 
  6. Name “Create Print Templates
  7. Enable/ disable “Field value is hidden” to hide empty fields 
  8. Choose “Font Size
  9. “System Field
    • Select required system field(s) 
  10. “Form Field”
    • Select field(s) to be appended using the “+” button 
    • Adjust fields width and position 
  11. “Signature
    • Select signature field to be appended 
  12. Others
    • Change form Name
    • Tick to include Team name in the template 
    • Tick to add logo (only YOOV logo available)
    • Tick to include Print time in the template
  13. Click “Save

Upload Word Template

Customize the template.

  1. Click “Form Editor
  2. Click “Table Setup
  3. Click “Print template
  4. Click “+ Create Print Templates
  5. Click “Upload Word Template”
  6. Click “Instruction” to create template
  7. Download Demo Docx
    • Example for inserting correspoding key for the system field(s) and form field(s)
  8. Copy the field code you need to the corresponding position in your local Word template (docx only). Actual data will be obtained during printing.
  9. The field code must be filled according to the format below, otherwise the actual data cannot be obtained.
  10. If you want to avoid printing associated records with no data, please insert following code: #IgnoreEmpty[start]# before the table and #IgnoreEmpty[end]# after the table into your template. Subforms and associated records without data between these two tags will no longer be printed.
  11. Three ways to present images:
    • ${fieldId[40_auto]}:fix width 40mm and height adjusts with ratio
    • ${fieldId[auto_40]}:fix height 40mm and width adjusts with ratio
    • ${fieldId[40_40]}:fix height 40mm and fix width 40mm
  12. If there are two (or more) identical field names in a single form, users are recommended to use the field ID to represent the desired information or change the field name to avoid confusion. When users have updated the field names, please do not forget to update your print template as well
  13. Upload docx
  14. Click “Confirm


Different form will have different key.
  1. Formatting the template in Word
    • Different sections should separate into different tables
    • For the Company’s logo and contact, users can use the “Header” function in Word
  2. Mapping desired field key in word file


  1. Invoice No.
  2. Contact Name

  3. Phone

  4. Email

  5. Address

  6. Order Date

  7. Staff

  8. Status

  9. Product & Service

  10. Unit

  11. Price

  12. Discount

  13. Amount

  14. Total

  15. Remark


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