[Attendance] What is the difference between Check-in, punch in and field-work punch in?

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[Check-in] allows employees to report their current location and arrival time to the admin or their supervisors. System will not regard the check-in time as punch in/out time for attendance records like late or others.

Example 1:

As an insurance agent, Employee A is assigned to a meeting with a client in Sheung Wan. When Employee A arrived at the meeting location, [Check-in] should be used to let the supervisor know the exact location and arrival time.

[Punch in] is to record an employee's working hours. When an employee has punched in, it will be regarded as attendance records for late in, early out, absence, etc.

Example 2:

Employee A’s working hours are 09:00 to 18:00 and will have a meeting with a client at Landmark in Central at 13:00. Employee A will have to punch in at 09:00, check-in at Landmark in Central at 13:00 and punch out at 18:00.

[Field-work punch in] is for employees who can get off work after meeting with clients without going back to the office. The admin can turn on the [field-work punch in] function allowing employees to punch in/out outside of the radius of the designated Wi-Fi and i.e., Going out to meet clients). The system will regard it as [field-work punch in] and record employee’s punch in/out location and time.

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